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52-Weeks of Memories Photography Challenge

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52-Weeks of Memories Photography Challenge

Hi everyone!
We meet in our groups and we hear about your children but it's not so often we can share pictures or place faces to names. In another one of my groups they had such a wonderful idea of posting 52 weeks of memories based on this image attached.

I feel like it's a great way to build community among us. We all grieve together, shoulder the burden for each other during the hard times, certainly, but it would be nice to celebrate the beauty of our children together, too.

You can choose to participate in all, none or some depending on how you are feeling at the time or if the prompt speaks to you.

Nancy Bowridge Hall posted in my other group and said, "talking about my child is not living in the past. It's loving them in the present." 

Keep your eye out for the first post coming soon on our Facebook Group  


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